Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors

For All Cancer Patients and Survivors:

Regularly Scheduled Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors Classes in Washington, D.C. taught by Erika Newell:

Sundays 12-1pm at Circle Yoga $10 minimum donation

Mondays 7-8:15pm

Wednesdays 10-11:15am Super Gentle – getting down to the floor is not required.

at Sibley Memorial Hospital. Register at or call Pam Goetz at 202.243.2320 to reserve your spot now!


Regularly Scheduled Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors Classes in Barcelona:

Tuesdays 10.00-11.15 at Instituto Meridians, Barcelona, teacher: Adriana

Tuesdays 12.00 at Centro Tot Natural, Sant Boi de Llobregat, teacher: Noelia

Tuesdays 12.00-13.15 at La Naturoteca, Plaça Rovira, Gràcia, Barcelona, teacher: Adriana

Thursdays 10.00-11.15 at Instituto Meridians, Barcelona, teacher: Adriana



Just wanted to give a special thanks for class tonight.  I came into class with about zero energy, and almost cancelled because of that, but left class feeling full of energy.  Though I always feel good after (Amy Dara’s) classes, I especially needed it tonight so many thanks! ~ Cinda Verbin

Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors has been great for me on so many levels – (Amy Dara is) amazing, the support group, things I have learned to help me through chemo, and the yoga which is great for the mind, body and soul. ~ E.D.

I began attending Amy Dara’s Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors classes about eighteen months ago while I was undergoing aggressive chemotherapy for aggressive breast cancer, and I continue to attend her classes now.  During each class, I feel supported by a loving and kind expert teacher and a community of “warrior women.”  I am able to calm and focus my mind and move my body in a safe way.  Her classes help me tremendously. ~ M.B.S.

I first attended Amy Dara’s Yoga for Women Cancer Survivor class less than two weeks into my five months of chemotherapy for breast cancer.  Amy Dara was kind and welcoming, as were the other students in the class.  I continued her Sunday afternoon classes throughout chemo, when I was feeling up to it, and throughout my radiation treatments at (the hospital).  I am now three years out and attend another weekly Friday evening class for women cancer survivors with Amy Dara, which helps me tremendously in managing the stress of daily life.  Before I attended one of Amy Dara’s classes, I always thought I wasn’t good at yoga, since I could never do the poses properly.  Amy Dara taught me that there are many ways to modify the standard poses so that I can actually do them.  Her class has become more than just a class; it has become a community of support and I am grateful for having found it. ~ P.K.

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