Teacher Training: Yoga for Cancer Survivors

Amy Dara provides Yoga for Cancer Survivors Teacher Trainings in Europe.

Please click here for Yoga for Cancer Teacher Trainings with Tari Prinster in the the United States.

A 45-hour course for certified yoga teachers interested in safely teaching yoga to Women & Men Cancer Survivors.

  • 6-9 December 2017 in Barcelona, Spain
  • 29 April – 2 May 2018 in Madrid, Spain
  • Registration will close two weeks prior to the start of each teacher training.
  • 605€ Early Bird
  • 685€ after the Early Bird deadline.

Zentro Yoga

c/ de Claudio Coello 5, Madrid SPAIN

c/ Aribau 226 (edificio interior, planta 4), Barcelona SPAIN

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To provide certified yoga teachers with clear information and foundational experience to safely and effectively teach yoga to women and men cancer survivors at all stages of cancer – from diagnosis through treatment to remission and beyond – rekindling hope, curiosity, and building a nurturing and fun community.

In recent years, more clinical studies affirm the importance of exercise – frequently recommending yoga as the mode of exercise – to manage treatment side effects and prevent cancer recurrence. These studies verify the ancient beliefs of yoga. When done with knowledge and compassion, yoga complements all stages of traditional Western medical treatment of cancer on many levels. To name a few of numerous benefits, yoga helps to bolster the immune system, strengthen bones and muscles, safely increase flexibility, manage lymphedema and pain, and calm the nervous system.

Specialised training that features scientific facts and specialised yoga teaching methodology is required for a certified yoga teacher to safely and effectively provide Yoga for Cancer Survivors.


Personal experience, lecture, discussion, question and answers, a one-hour sample yoga class using props, supervised practice teaching with constructive feedback. A manual with support material – available in either English or Spanish – will supplement your training with reading assignments. You will be required to attend all four days, and do homework before, during and immediately after the training.

There will be 2 hours of reading and homework prior to the start of the teacher training, which you will receive via email 1 week in advance.

There will be 6 hours of reading and homework during and after the teacher training. This total of 8 hours of reading and homework is included in the 45 hours.

This Training Covers:

  • What cancer is: pathophysiology.
    • We will focus primarily on breast cancer, since this is the most common among women, and prostate cancer, which is the most common among men. Other types of cancer will also be discussed.
    • About common cancer treatments and their side effects – both short-term and lifelong.
    • How yoga helps – physiology; the hows and whys.
    • Debunking myths of yoga and cancer.
    • How to start a Yoga for Cancer Survivors class.
    • How to talk to and with the cancer community: patients and their health care providers.
      • Building and sustaining a nurturing community that provides cancer survivors with a healing refuge.
      • The dos and don’ts of yoga for cancer survivors.
      • Hands-on supervised teaching practice.

Requirements for Admission

  • Certified after completing a 200-hour (minimum) yoga teacher training course.
  • Yoga teaching experience is strongly recommended.
  • Application.
  • A one-paragraph Statement of Purpose (in Spanish, Catalan or English) on why you want to teach yoga to cancer survivors.
  • Knowledge of Spanish and / or English.
  • Fee.

Upon completion of this training program, you will:

  • Receive a Yoga for Cancer Survivors teaching certificate.
  • Be eligible to apply for Yoga Alliance CEU credits.


Teaching and participating in Yoga for Cancer Survivors are for educational purposes. Yoga for Cancer Survivors is neither a treatment nor a cure for cancer. Prior to starting any new modes of exercise, students are advised to consult with their physician. Amy Dara Hochberg and the host yoga studio reserve the right to grant admission to the course.

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