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What is a teacher? I’ll tell you: it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows. ~ Paulo Coelho

Intuition is when one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than from conscious reasoning.

From restful restorative to exploratory hatha to juicy vinyasa, Amy Dara’s classes and private sessions feature a fluid blend that will soothe and energize you individually, enabling you to live more fully both on and off the mat in a thriving community. Amy Dara guides you through concise verbal cues, nurturing tactile guidance as needed, and the use of props to seek the dynamic balance between effort and ease. In a single class, you might concentrate deeply in a core-strengthening balance and laugh with delight at how easily you accomplished a seemingly daunting posture. She encourages you to tap into your intuition to discover your body’s innate knowledge as you develop the yoga practice with appropriate challenges at your own pace, with consideration of any physical issues. With curiosity and a mindful playfulness, you will leave Amy Dara’s classes feeling calmer, more focused and rejuvenated in the body, mind, and heart.

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A profoundly deaf woman who speaks five languages (six if you count the Sanskrit names of yoga poses and concepts), Amy Dara Hochberg began her lifelong yoga practice when she was four years old, regularly turning to this vital healing modality to maintain her sanity through the trials and tribulations of life as a mainstreamed deaf individual in a hearing society.  Amy Dara applies an extensive academic knowledge of physical therapy, anatomy and physiology to clarify her yoga instructions and guide you in a safe and fun practice. From Restorative to Vinyasa, her classes soothe and energize your body and mind, and enable you to live more fully both on and off the mat.


  • 1999: ISHTA Yoga with Alan Finger, Lisa and Charles Matkin.
  • 2000: OM Yoga Center with Cyndi Lee, Jennifer Brilliant and Dana Strong.
  • 2003: Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater.
  • 2009: OM Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors with Tari Prinster.
  • 2011: E-RYT 500 certified upon completing OM Yoga’s advanced teacher training. T01-YA-TEACHER-ERYT-500
  • B.S. Health Studies with a focus on Physical Therapy.
  • M.S. in Health Promotion Management.



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