A New Year Always Brings Hope.

So do motivated teacher training students, such as the twelve I worked with in Madrid and Barcelona to teach yoga to cancer survivors in Europe. Hope proved its power as I forged through the second set of four intense 10-hour days while consuming copious amounts of tissue, going through five markers on a whiteboard while contending with laryngitis, and leading yoga practices while coughing nonstop. The empathetic students in Barcelona willingly worked with me through these challenging circumstances.

Yoga for Cancer Survivors Teacher Training - Madrid November 2015

Yoga for Cancer Survivors Teacher Training – Madrid November 2015

One day prior to the start of the Barcelona teacher training, I’d contracted a supercold virus that had been circulating around northeast Spain. It was known to take its course over twice the amount of time as a common cold: two and a half to three weeks. Half of the people I’d interacted with were sick with this same bug, including my host. The doctors at the clinic diagnosed “yet another case” while forbidding me to fly back to Washington DC until earlier this week.

Yoga for Cancer Survivors Teacher Training - Barcelona 2015

Yoga for Cancer Survivors Teacher Training – Barcelona December 2015

No longer contagious and with a residual cough that is gradually subsiding, I’m happy to resume sharing the practice with you all. I have always embraced the hope that pervades the room as the yoga class begins. Hope for inner peace, improved health on all levels, and to crack the heart open a little wider.

Hope, as defined, by Yogi Bhajan, is not a prediction of the future. It is a declaration of what is possible.

May this holiday season find you calm, content, healthy, and filled with love – and yes, hope.


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