Make Space for the New

Have you ever spent several hours over two days to find the right shower curtain? I just did.

Lately, I’ve been feeling weighted down by certain objects in my home, whose stories pertain to aspects of my past that I no longer wish to revisit. As I sold each of these items, I felt lighter and happier. The good feelings are interrupted every morning: as soon as I enter the bathroom, the memories linked to the shower curtain pull down my spirits.

This shower curtain – a cheap imitation satin beige number with stitched square light blue “tiles” – had been hastily purchased when the ex took the previous curtain upon moving out nearly five years ago. The dinky cloth that has been hanging from the shower rod since then has been a dismal reminder of a horrible chapter that I wish to close for good.

The last week of December would be a good time to replace the shower curtain with a better quality one with a completely different, bright and cheerful design.

new shower curtain

new shower curtain

My obsessive search revealed how urgently I needed to get rid of what was no longer useful to me. It’s time to discard the redundant, and make space for the new.

Are old memories or grudges holding you back? Unsure of how to release them and move forward? Reserve your spot at either or both of my upcoming special classes to find out how! (Hint: it will be easier than an obsessive hours-long internet search for a new shower curtain.)

New Year’s Eve Special: Flow + Restore into 2015 at Circle Yoga

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 4-5:30pm


New Year Detox ‘n’ Rejuve at lil omm yoga

Thursday, January 1, 2015 11am-12:30pm


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