Falling Back into Gratitude

In the wee hours of Sunday, November 3, we turn our clocks one hour back. Most people love “falling back” – extra sleep, yay! Still, any time change, whether via biannual time changes or traveling through time zones, can knock one’s circadian rhythm out of whack.

To ameliorate jetlag, try either viparita karani or Stonehenge. Or better, treat yourself to a restorative yoga class.

gratitude is a practiceNovember also signifies Thanksgiving. It is a time to acknowledge all for which you are grateful. Here is a great opportunity to practice one of the “ten commandments,” if you will, of yoga: samtosha (contentment).

  • On the mat, in each pose, find and breathe at your edge with safe alignment, and consider what you are thankful for within this pose. It can be something about the physical pose, how it makes you feel emotionally, or what the pose evokes from your memory of life off the mat.
  • Keep a gratitude journal, just for the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Upon waking up, list 3 things you are grateful for. At bedtime, list 5 things about your day for which you are grateful. I guarantee that, if you do this, even your worst days won’t seem so bad after all!
  • If you have Facebook or Twitter, post a daily gratitude statement. Here are a few examples: “I am grateful for my family.” “I am grateful to afford a roof over my head and food on my table.” “I am grateful for yoga.”

Do any or all of these, and not only will your body, heart and mind thank you for the practice… you will feel lighter and yes, more content!

On Thanksgiving Day at 9am, I will teach the annual Attitude of Gratitude™ special yoga class at lil omm. Be sure to reserve your spot!

With immense gratitude to YOU!