Autumnal Equinox: A Time to Reflect and Balance

Today, September 22, 2013, at 4:44pm, the sun officially crosses the equator southward. The earth is balanced upright. Night and day are equal. For the northern hemisphere, autumn officially begins.

While some may mourn the end of summer’s long warm days, there is much to celebrate about autumn. The foliage is always beautiful. As the trees let go of their leaves in preparation for winter’s hibernation and start anew in the spring, so must you begin to turn inward to reevaluate our priorities and let go of what is no longer useful. The longer cooler nights mean soothing hot tea, warm rich harvest vegetables and – for those who have one – basking in the heat from the fireplace.

In your yoga asana practice, engage the ujjayi (victorious) breath to stoke the fire within. For days when you feel “a little off,” practice vrksasana (tree pose) and ardha chandrasana (half moon pose), along with the warrior poses, to restore balance and focus. You can always modify ardha chandrasana as in the photo below. Modified 1:2 moon lil omm 12S13

Practice more forward folds – and remember to keep your eyes open to stay in the present moment – on the days when you need to move inward. To give your inward journey a boost while renewing yourself in the most relaxing possible way, come to Restorative Yoga.

While you take time to reflect and let go to make space for adjusted priorities, embrace the fresh autumn breeze and admire the ephemeral beauty of the colorful leaves. Observe how your body adapts to the seasonal shift by welcoming the winter squash and root vegetables in your meals. Let all this remind you that the only constant in our life is change, and the only way to deal with change is to accept, adapt, and laugh.

How can you not laugh if you have everything necessary to be happy: the moon, a bountiful harvest, the fire within, and love? Wishing you blissful balance and a joyful inward journey… and bon appetit! See you on the mat!

PS: Please inform me where in Washington, D.C., you find any yummilicious vegan pumpkin soup or treats!

© 2013 Amy Dara Hochberg. Photo by Shoshana Rosenbaum. All rights reserved.