Thank Your Teachers

Today, 22 July, is a holiday observed by Hindis and Buddhists called Guru Purnima. On this holiday, one honors all the teachers in one’s life. While I tend to focus exclusively on yoga and Buddhist philosophy that can be applied in a universal manner, this holiday has secular potential and deserves worldwide recognition.

Thank you to all the many teachers in my life, including my purrpetual meditation teacher (that’s him in the photo), yogi Simon 2:07and all my students. Yes, this includes you. Every time I teach yoga, I learn from working with you. Our interaction guides me to become a better yoga teacher.

Think of all your teachers. Honor them. Show them gratitude.

Be sure to thank yourself, too, for allowing an open heart and mind to absorb all the life lessons.

© 2013 Amy Dara Hochberg. All rights reserved.