Amy Dara’s Recovery Update

As many of you have noted in the group classes and private sessions, my initial recovery exceeded everyone’s expectations. What remains is to regain strength and stamina to balance out the flexibility. McConnell taped feetWith the help of physical therapy, this will take time, patience and persistence.

With immense gratitude, your total gift contribution to date of $1796.00 covers nearly 20% of the medical bills, whose total runs to approximately $10,000.00.

To boost the income, I added more weekly group classes to my teaching schedule, and supplemented my yoga teaching by selling a fabulous line of beauty products that coalesce with the principles of yoga.

There are many ways to take action, all of which benefits YOU:

*Maintain your yoga practice by regularly attending my group classes. View my teaching schedule.

*Deepen your practice or tailor the practice to your unique needs: have a private session with me.

*Take good care of your hair and skin with products containing organic, fairly-traded ingredients (they also make fabulous gifts!): order Pangea Organics products through my website.

*Show your loved ones that you care: refer them to me for private yoga sessions.

Please enjoy these videos as my token of gratitude. I am deeply grateful to continue to serve you through yoga classes, private sessions, providing ethical beauty products, paying it forward through my reduced fees classes for Women Cancer Survivors, and activism for Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

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