Yoga Etiquette

There has been a spike in faux pas behavior, whether intentional or not. Please share this post with anyone who might benefit. Chances are, they were unaware that their actions were rude. We all would love to be treated with respect and kindness!

Reserve your space online if the location offers this service. If your plans change, please cancel your reservation as soon as you can so another student may attend.

Eating / Drinking: Allow two hours after a meal or one hour after a snack to practice yoga. It’s best to hydrate prior to class, however sipping water as needed during class is fine.

Wear modest, comfortable clothing that will allow the body to stretch easily but is neither too tight nor too loose that they reveal more than you’d want others to see. yogaquotePlease refrain from wearing strong scents.

Bring water, a towel, and your own mat.

Arrive 5 minutes before class. If you are going to a new venue, allow extra time to fill out the waiver form and acquaint yourself with the place.

Remove your shoes before entering the studio.

Mats are personal. Avoid stepping on your classmates’ mats. If the venue provides you with a mat, please wipe it down with the provided cleaners after class. Once you commit to a regular yoga practice, shop around to invest in your own mat.

Make space for others: Please share the yoga love by moving your mat as the studio fills up.

Precautions: If you have an injury, ailment, or physical concerns, please let me know before class. If you are pregnant (second and third trimesters), please attend the prenatal classes to learn how to practice safely, and then you can take open classes concurrently with the learned modifications and alternate asanas.

Silence is golden: Please observe silence both outside and inside the studio. Turn off your cell phone and any noisy electronic devices. Unroll your mat quietly. Keep your voice low in any conversations before and after class. Close the door quietly.

Latecomers are admitted during the first ten minutes of class at Crunch Metro Center. At the studios, please wait until I open the door after centering, approximately ten minutes after the start time. If you know you’re going to be late, please call the studio or email me so I can set out a mat for you to facilitate an undisruptive arrival.

Follow the class: Unless you taking a resting break before rejoining the class, please do the same practice as your classmates. Doing your own practice during class is distracting to your fellow students and disrespectful to the teacher. If there is a pose that you cannot or should not do, please quietly get my attention so I can provide a modification or alternative.

If you need to rest: Please go into balasana (child’s pose) or another resting pose any time. You need not wait for me to cue it. You can then rejoin the class when you’re ready.

If you must leave the room during class: Please plan to stay for the entire class. If you must leave early or you know you’ll need to step out to use the bathroom, please let me know before class starts. Give yourself a brief savasana (corpse pose) prior to departing as quietly and discreetly as possible. Please do not leave the room during savasana.

Questions? Wait for me to check that you’re all doing okay. A quick query can improve your – and everyone else’s – practice.

Savasana is vital: Sometimes our monkey mind makes this pose challenging. I will let you know when it’s time to come out of savasana. This pose enables your body to maximize the benefits of the yoga practice and may be your only quiet time in your day, so relax and enjoy your breath!

After class: Please ask me any questions and provide feedback to improve your class experience. Remember your belongings, and double-check that those shoes are yours!

Invest in private sessions: to learn any necessary modifications, deepen your practice, and enhance your experience in class.

Most importantly: let your mind and heart open and have fun!

Following these basic rules is about respecting your teacher and fellow students. You’d want them to be kind and considerate to you, too.

© 2013 Amy Dara Hochberg. All rights reserved.