Fostering the Abundance Cycle

giving-heart-handsFebruary is a wonderful time to place extra emphasis on loving-kindness in your yoga practice. With pink hearts in shop windows and red roses at the corner flower stands, symbols of love surround us more blatantly. What better opportunity to turn your awareness inwards to soften and open your heart? Start with yourself, your self, with small acts of kindness to your body – the vessel of your self – and mind, to foster inner peace that will radiate outwards. A short yoga practice or a fifteen-minute meditation session with a steaming cup of tea. Turn off all electronics and read a book under the covers one hour before bedtime. Walk up a flight or down two flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator. There are so many little ways to shift habits more lovingly.

When you practice loving-kindness towards yourself, it naturally radiates outwards. Compassion towards people around you come more easily. You will be calmer and more patient. All forms of generosity become second nature.

Your generosity fills my heart with gratitude as I continue to recover from surgery earlier this month. The successful surgery yielded a first two weeks’ recovery period facilitated by your contributions in the form of healing energy, visits, gifts of old button-down shirts for the first week post-op, delivering groceries to me, heartfelt greeting cards, encouraging messages on Facebook and email, and gifts to help pay the medical bills. I am deeply, immensely grateful to you all for your ongoing support!

My doctor gave me the green light to ease into my yoga practice. Please check my Facebook page to find out which classes I will teach next week. Hopefully I will return to my full teaching schedule as of March. I miss sharing the yoga practice with you!

Generosity fosters gratitude. These two positive elements feed each other to open your heart wider. Celebrate the abundance in your life!

© 2013 Amy Dara Hochberg. All rights reserved.