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Teacher Feature: Amy Dara Hochberg

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This month we honor Amy Dara for her dedication to her students and community service.  Most recently, we had a student who was no longer able to come to yoga and had an unused 5-class pass she was willing to donate.  Amy Dara quickly stepped in and offered the class pass to a student in financial distress after losing her job while battling cancer.  Random acts of kindness like this makes us LOVE what we do behind the scenes at lil omm.  What a great community we have– full of loving, generous, and patient teachers, students, and friends who support each other.



Years Practicing Yoga: Let’s rephrase this as “Practicing Yoga Since” as this will keep me ageless (lol)…Practicing Yoga Since: age 4 years.


Class Schedule & Highlights: at lil omm, I teach on Friday nights… 6:30pm Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors, followed by 7:45pm Restorative Yoga. From August 10-31, I will teach a 4-week Brand New Yogis introductory series on Fridays @ 5:15pm.  Register for Brand New Yogis by 8/9.


What makes me smile everyday: Two things: 1) waking up to my big 11-year-old alpha male cat patiently waiting for me to feed him, and 2) the frequent spontaneous happy little surprises in yoga classes. For instance, my playlist recently included Peggy Lee’s “Fever,” which had my students snapping their fingers while breathing in high lunge.


Hobbies, pursuits, inspirations: practicing yoga and meditation, growing my knowledge of five languages, writing about yoga, health, and stories; viewing art exhibitions, Buddhist studies, listening to all kinds of music (excluding bagpipes and accordions), vegan cooking. My yoga students and the arts inspire me.



  • Yoga Pose: A tie between Titibhasana and Stonehinge. Come to my Restorative class to discover the bliss of the latter pose!
  • Season: A tie between spring and fall. Both remind us of the impermanence of life.
  • Food/cuisine: My fridge always contains hummus and blueberries – never consumed together. I find olives absolutely irresistible. Catalan and Indian cuisine.
  • Travel Destination: Barcelona, Catalonia (a province of Spain, which ought to be an independent country)
  • Quote: There are two favorites. 1) Keep seeking the dynamic balance between effort & ease. ~ loosely paraphrased from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and 2) A day without laughter is a day wasted. ~ Charlie Chaplin


We look forward to Amy representing lil omm  and Circle Yoga on Sunday, October 14 from 8:30am-12:30pm at Yoga on the Steps: Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s signature education and fundraising event.  The event provides a way for communities to stand in solidarity with women affected by breast cancer while experiencing the healing benefits of yoga.  After the class, participants and supporters can enjoy a light breakfast of organic and naturally prepared foods and browse through a Healthy Living Expo featuring health and nutrition experts, event sponsors, yoga and fitness studios, specialty vendors and info about local area nonprofits and service organizations. We hope to see you on the 14th at Freedom Plaza! Join our team!

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