Generosity and Compassion

Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

A colleague, Michael Joel Hall, and his partner were walking home after a night out when a gang jumped them. The two Michaels were brutalized and beaten. Michael Joel Hall underwent surgery to repair a broken cheekbone and jaw. They are in temporary housing after their apartment fire a few months ago, and do not have health insurance. Let’s practice compassion and generosity to help our fellow yogi and his partner.

Fundraiser yoga classes will take place at many studios in the DC Metro Area and beyond, with more to be scheduled in the coming days/weeks, including at one of the Crunch locations. Check the venues’ websites for the deets.

On Facebook: Friends of Michael Joel Hall and Michael Roike

This page has the Paypal link, along with fundraising events information. You may need to be logged in to Facebook to access the Friends page.

After we raise enough to cover Michael Joel Hall’s losses and pay off his medical bills, we really need to figure out how to obtain affordable health insurance for yoga instructors.

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