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PUBLISHED: Amy Dara’s interview about the benefits of yoga for every stage of cancer treatment.

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I attended Amy Dara’s prenatal class on my due date two weeks ago.  When she was helping me get into the final supported relaxation pose and I jumped up and ran to the bathroom, it was the beginning of my water breaking.  I couldn’t tell that was what it was then (I wasn’t having any contractions), so I went back and finished class.  We ended up going to the hospital six hours later and the delivery went very well.  The baby arrived the next morning, and thankfully I was relaxed going into the delivery thanks to Amy Dara’s class that Saturday afternoon, which I will never forget.  ~ H.H.

Please convey to Amy Dara my thanks for adjusting the blocks and the chair, etc., to my needs for I cannot get down on the ground. I’ve had almost four fractures in four years (actually, it turned out that the fourth fracture was only a severe ankle sprain) but nevertheless… Amy Dara was truly wonderful. ~ M.F.

I wanted to thank Amy Dara for all her help throughout my pregnancy! Having her help in altering poses for my growing belly was invaluable, and I still use many of the poses to stretch my back, neck and shoulders. My ability to focus and draw my attention inward to my breathing has been helpful as I prepare for a natural delivery, and I expect to use those skills once the big day arrives. ~ Rebecca Casavant

Amy Dara es una excelente persona y profesora de yoga. Lamentablemente por cuestión de tiempo sólo pude atender a una única clase de “restorative yoga” con ella, en Washington DC. Pero su actitud y su profesionalidad me encantaron! TRANSLATION: muy buen servicio, profesional y puntual. Recomendable! ~ Eleonora Trani, Barcelona SPAIN

Amy Dara is one of my favorite yoga instructors. Her warmth and friendliness make her an excellent teacher for yoga beginners while she has the knowledge and experience to push more experienced yogis a little further than they thought they could go. I’ve taken a variety of classes with Amy and have enjoyed each one. I enthusiastically recommend yoga with Amy Dara to anyone! ~ Kat Z.

As a women’s health physical therapist, working closely with health and wellness practitioners that are not only caring, but extremely knowledgeable about how the human body functions and heals after cancer, is important to ensure a safe transition from physical therapy. Amy Dara’s exceptional experience and knowledge base in post-rehabilitative care, combined with her kindheartedness, are a real gift for all her clients on their road to complete health.  I highly recommend her services to all my patients. ~ Dr. Ann Udofia, DPT

I will confess I didn´t always feel like coming to yoga. But getting to see Amy Dara’s smiling face was always an incentive to get myself there, and I was always glad I went. Masterful, non-intimidating instruction kept me coming back. Miss Amy Dara and her class! ~ Andrea H., who now lives in Texas

I have been enjoying Amy Dara’s Saturday prenatal class.  Her approach and the smaller class size makes for a different vibe than the Tranquil Space class I took for my first pregnancy. Both are great classes, but I’m really liking the more laid-back feel of Amy Dara’s class. ~ Anonymous Prenatal Student

Amy Dara was a great instructor. She showed us how to make each pose more challenging and encouraged us to push ourselves, but not in an obnoxious way. Amy Dara had lovely energy and I’d like to take more of her classes. ~ C.S.

Amy Dara’s Flow Yoga class was nice because, while I am usually hesitant to try any kind of balancing (for fear of falling into the student next to me), she was patient and laid back enough that I didn’t feel pressured to try anything I was uncomfortable with. Because of that, I think I accomplished more balancing than I ever had in any other class! ~ Ashley R.

Amy Dara sat at the front of the room and lead by walking around. The first hour of the class was a vinyasa flow. The second half of the class was restorative yoga. I must say–I am SO glad I had that HOUR of “active relaxation.” For one, we did supported badda konasana and we had an incredible 20 minute savasana. The most interesting and valuable part of this class was the instructor. Not only was the instructor extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, and comprehensive in her teaching script and her technique–but she is deaf. The command Amy Dara had over the room, her poise, and her frank assertion of her hearing loss at the beginning of the class were inspiring. She told us to feel free to come out of the pose if we weren’t sure, or comfortable in it–and that she would be right over to help guide us and talk with us about it so that she could hear us and guide us better. Amy Dara is smart, dynamic, funny, she was one of the most knowledgeable and helpful instructors I have had in a long time. For anyone who would like an intimate class focused on vinyasa and deep relaxation–hit up (her classes). Teaching really is about owning who you are and letting that come through to your students. ~ YogaNat 28 November 2008

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